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Howdy! ^.^ How ya doing?

Well I'm a RPer, if you don't know what that is.. Look it up, sowwy I dunno how to explain. Anywho sometimes I''l RP with my artwork, you should join! ^3^ I write stories too! I'll be your fwend! .3. I love everyone and everything! You're epic, so stay that way! No Caeda, no kiss. Yellow never die. Awesome shot from guns. :D Okie, bye bye!
(\(030)/) P.S. I'll watch back!
You like my webcam? XD

Yellow Rinku…


“Hello? Have you come to save me?”


“Wonderful. But we must hurry…”

“Don’t worry, dearest. As long as you are with me, you shall be safe.”

“Thank you…”


            Long ago, in the land of Hyrule, was a small town known as Ordon Village. Ordon was a peaceful place, home to many families and kind people, but one dreadful day, that all changed. We will never forget it.

            “O’, Jamly! Jamly, where are you? It is almost dusk, where is she?”  Meleena called.

            “Meleena, I’m certain she’ll come.” Leeda assumed.

            “B-but, she shouldn’t be out there!…” she sigh.

     Just as Meleena was about to light the candle of her porch light, she heard a rustle in the forest ahead. The foolish girl thought it may be her sister who went in search of food, so she followed the sound.

    “Hello? Jamly? Is that you out there?” As Meleena wondered farther and farther out into the forest, she sensed someone or something watching her. She felt like turning around but she didn’t want to leave her little sister out there. “It’s no use…” Meleena said quietly and turned around.

    “RAAAHH!” Jamly sneaked up behind the middle sister and screamed.

    “AHH! Jamly! Don’t scare me like that! We were worried sick!” Meleena slapped her sister.

    Jamly’s eyes watered. “I’M TELLING LEEDA!” she stomped off

    Meleena gunted, she hated disciplining her little sister, but she really didn’t have a choice since their father and mother died.

    Although, Meleena still sense something watching her… Something evil.

    Meleena caught up to her little sister, “Look, Jamly, I’m sorry! But you know better not to be out there before dark! The Twili are out!”

    “I know, I was just trying to have fun! You never play with me anymore!” Jamly yelled.

    “Oh grow up, Jamly! You’re 12! Start acting like it! You aren’t a baby anymore!” Meleena scolded.

    “Why do you have to be so mean? Just because you’re childhood was bad doesn’t mean mine should be, too! All you ever do is tell me, “Don’t do this! Don’t do that! I’m sick of it!” Jamly screeched.

    “I’m just looking out for you!”

    “Well don’t! I hate you! I love Leeda more than you! Why don’t you just join Mom and Dad? That’s where you belong anyway-”

    Jamly was cut off by a scream in the distance. The two sisters gasped, “Leeda!”

(Should I continue? :meow:)

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